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Consumers feel encouraged to use or buy a product if the message is accompanied by lights (80%), music or audio messages (79%), a tactile experience (79%) or an olfactory experience (74%), shows the HumanGraphExperience Infographic #18.

The Multisensory Experience infographic, made in collaboration with MVCOM, brings together the conclusions of a study designed to identify the impact of multisensory communication on consumer behavior.

The study was based on the CAWI methodology, applied to a sample of 360 respondents, representative of the 18-49 urban population.

Some multisensory experiences seem to have more effect on men than on women: lights influence more men (84%) than women (78%) to use or buy the product; similarly happens in the case of adding a tactile experience (84% – 76%).

The olfactory experience most strongly influences the decision to choose brands used by young people between the ages of 18 and 29 (84% – 82%), lights most influence the 18 – 24 age group (89%), and the experience tactile has the biggest effect on the 25-29 year old category.

Also, these sensory stimuli bring more memorability: 86% of respondents believe that they would remember a classic advertisement if it were accompanied by lights, 83% – music or auditory message, 78% – tactile experience and 70% – olfactory experience.


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